about me

My name is Sarah Stanton, and I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Halfway through university, I abandoned a promising career in not having much of a career when I transferred from an opera performance course into a Chinese language major. After three ecstatic years cheating lung cancer in Beijing, I’ve settled in San Francisco as a freelance translator, editor, and writer. My work has appeared in a number of international journals, but I’m not going to tell you which ones.

What do I write? Poetry, speculative fiction, memoir, and hard truths about living with disability. I’m also the author of Tabitha and the Nightingale, an ongoing serial and podcast. You can find my work spotted around the Internet like an infection that just won’t quit, or you can check out the links up the top for some writing right here.

I live with a man, a cat, and ten chronic illnesses. We are the worst sitcom ever.